Our Data Mining Squad in China has been reinforced, again

Recently, our data mining squad in Beijing has been reinforced in further, with four students from various Chinese universities:

Luo Xi Zhang Meijiao
Wang Yuhan Liu Zeng

Miss Luo Xi, a bachelor student on Chinese history, from the school of Chinese Classics, Renmin University of China.

Miss Zhang Meijiao, a bachelor student on ancient history of China, from the school of Chinese Classics, Renmin University of China.

Miss Wang Yuhan, soon a master student in the department of Chinese Literature, Peking University, on the topics of relationship between literature and image, Feminism and modern literature.

Miss Liu Zeng, a bachelor student on literary theory and creative writing, from Renmin University of China.

Hindi Team won the Sir Timothy Coghlan Prize for best paper in AEHR 2017

Recently, our article on Chinese historical GDP, Chinese National Income, ca. 1661-1933, has been awarded the 2017 Sir Timothy Coghlan Prize for the Best Paper Published in Australian Economic History Review (AEHR) in 2017. In this February, it will be officially announced in the Asia Pacific Economic Business History Conference 2018 in Australia.

The authors of this article were fully encouraged with this prize. This was a historical breakthrough for the Chinese academia, as for the FIRST time researchers from China won a Best Paper prize on the international economic history journals.

involved project member(s)

Bas van Leeuwen Xu Yi Zhang Zipeng

The Sir Timothy Coghlan Prize is awarded to the best paper appearing each year in Australian Economic History Review as voted by the editorial board. This prize has been issued by Economic History Society of Australia and New Zealand, and the publisher Wiley since 2006. It was named after Sir Timothy Coghlan (1855-1926), one of Australasia’s most eminent statisticians and historians.

Our Data Mining Squad in China has been reinforced

Since the recruitment of Dr. Ma Xi in May, our data mining squad in China has been reinforced in further with three youths from several Chinese universities:

Li Jia Zhang Runze Xiao Faqiong

Mr. Li Jia, who is going to study Regional Economics in the School of Economics, Henan University, for a master degree.

Mr. Zhang Runze, who is going to study Economics in Shandong University, for a master degree.

Miss. Xiao Faqiong, a bachelor student who is studying Chinese Literature in the School of Liberal Arts, Renmin University of China.

Team Building of the HINDI Project Team

On Monday 22 May 2017, a staff outing for a team building exercise of the HINDI Project took place in Utrecht, the Netherlands. After meeting for a study trip on food industry, an hour was spent for a coffee seminar to study the ins and outs of the coffee processing sector, as well as the economic history behind coffee.

Our researchers Dr. Bas van Leeuwen, Dr. Peter Foldvari, Robin Philips, visiting fellow Dr. Guo Yongqin, and assistants Li Jieli and Zhang Zipeng participated in this event.


Dr. Ma Xi reinforces our data mining squad in China

On 4 May 2017, our data mining squad in China was reinforced, as Dr. MA Xi officially joined in the squad.

Dr. MA Xi obtained his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the China University of Geosciences (Beijing), where he acquired 16 publications on the researches of mineral resources, as well as his skill of statistics and a degree in Business Administration. Since then, he has worked in Beijing as an engineer in the State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics, Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration.

Dr. MA Xi will co-operate with other members of the data mining squad in Beijing and offer us his help on data collection which will be mainly on the historical Chinese mining industry apart from his current research on mineral materials, high temperature and high pressure of rock mechanics.

Visit of the representative of Brill Publishers

On the 5th of April 2017, Wendel Scholma came to visit the HINDI research group at the International Institute of Social History. Wendel Scholma is the Acquisitions Editor of Brill Publishers, where she is responsible for the publications concerning Modern History, Cultural History, Economic and Social History, Legal History and History on Cartography.

In this context, she was present to discuss the upcoming editions of the Quantitive Economic History Series of China, as well as to look at possible future collaborations between Brill Publishers and the HINDI research group.

Dr. Huang Yingwei officially joins The Quantitative Economic History of China

Dr. Huang Yingwei from the Institute of Economics, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) recently joins our book series, The Quantitative Economic History of China. He is the 7th contracted author of the book series.

Dr. Huang Yingwei 黄英伟

Dr. Huang Yingwei

Dr. Huang will publish a book on The Work Point System in Rural China, a topic on which he has written extensively before.

Dr. Huang Yingwei has officially signed his contract in Beijing on 16 December, 2016. This book is expected to be finished in December 2018.

Institute of Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences