Please find the already constructed datasets here and the datasets collected by external partners here.

The focus of the data collection by the HINDI project is twofold:

  • Local and regional data on the manufacturing sector: number of companies, number of employees, value of fixed-asset capital, wages etc.
  • Local data on transport infrastructure: GIS maps of administrative boundaries, seats of government, roads, railroads, waterways etc.

Information on the manufacturing sector and transport infrastructure will be collected on both Northwestern Europe (Belgium, the Netherlands, England) and China, for specific benchmark years (1890s, 1930s, 1970s, 2010s). As we are currently in the process of processing archival materials and standardizing datasets, we are unable to present any of our results in our collection of datasets as of now yet, with the exception of some preliminary results below. Specific requests on obtaining preliminary datasets can always be proposed via the contact form.

Map 1. Average wages of employees in the metallurgy sector in the Chinese prefectures, in 1960 (expressed in yuan, per person)

Map 2. Average wages of employees in the metallurgy sector in the Chinese prefectures, in 1980 (expressed in yuan, per person)

Map 3. Employment in the textile industry (ISIC class no. 1300) in the Netherlands and Belgium, in 1900 and 2000

Map 4. Gross industrial output value of steel, pig iron and steel products in the Chinese counties, expressed in 10000 yuan

Map 5. The access of railroads in relation to the textile employment in the northwest of Belgium, in 1900 and 2000