Our Datasets (OLD)

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 Description of the FilePlease cite asData CategoryData RegionType of FileDate

Provincial Human and Physical Capital Formation in China (1920 – 2010) Van Leeuwen, B., Van Leeuwen-Li, J. & Foldvari, P. (2017). Human Capital in Republican and New China: regional and long-term trends. Economic History of Developing Regions, 32 (1), 1-36Human CapitalChinaExcel2017
Microdata on stature, ethnicity, occupation, religion, migration in Indonesia (1890-2000) Van Leeuwen, B. & Földvári, P. (2016). Economic mobility in a colonial and post-colonial economy: the case of Indonesia. Journal of Interdisciplinary history, 47 (2), 171-191.Human CapitalIndonesiaExcel2016
Average years of education and cost based HC per capita in former Sovjet Union areas (1920 – 2010) Didenko, D., van Leeuwen, B. & Foldvari, P. (2013). The spread of human capital in the former Sovjet Union areas in a comparative perspective: exploring a new dataset. Journal of Eurasian Studies, 4 (2), pp. 123-135.Human CapitalRussiaExcel2013