Agricultural Development in Qing China: A Quantitative Study, 1661-1911

Shi Zhihong, Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Biographical note

SHI Zhihong, gained his PhD from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 1988. He is currently a Senior Researcher and Professor of Chinese Economic History at the Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Professor SHI is the author of several monographs and many articles on China’s agricultural and financial history.


All interested in the history of the Qing dynasty of China, and anyone interested in agricultural developments.

Table of contents


List of Figures and Tables
Emperors of the Qing Dynasty
Chinese Terms
Weights and Measures Used during the Qing Dynasty
Maps of China

0 Introduction
 0.1 Origins of this Book
 0.2 Historical Data Used
 0.3 Research Approach
 0.4 Previous Studies

1 Cultivated Land Area
 1.1 Why Official Qing Records are Not Accurate
 1.2 Actual Area of Land Cultivated during the Qing Dynasty

2 Grain Production: Per Unit Yield and Total Output
 2.1 Average Yield of Grain Crops
 2.2 Total Output of Grain

3 Grain Output Value
 3.1 Grain Price Data Used in this Study
 3.2 Value of Grain Output in Various Periods of the Qing Dynasty
 3.3 Production Cost and Value Added from Grain Production

4 Non-Grain Output Values and Total Agricultural Value
 4.1 Cash-Crop Output Value
 4.2 Output Value of Non-Crop-Based Agricultural Production and Gross Added Values of Overall Agriculture in the Qing Dynasty

5 Development and Underdevelopment of Agriculture in the Qing Dynasty
 5.1 The Zenith of Traditional Agriculture in China
 5.2 Limitations of Agricultural Development in the Qing Dynasty

Appendix A: Population
Appendix B: Cultivated Area
Appendix C: Yield Per Unit Area
Appendix D: Agrarian Structure, Rural Actors and Their Interaction in the System of Agricultural Production During the Qing Dynasty: Land Ownership, Peasants, Landlords and the State


ISBN13: 9789004354920
E-ISBN: 9789004355248
Publication Date: October 2017
Format: Hardback
Publication Type: Book
Imprint: BRILL
Language: English, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional / complex
Main Series: Global Economic History Series
Sub Series: The Quantitative Economic History of China
ISSN: 2405-870X
Volume: 14/3

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The Quantification of The Agricultural Revolution: A Review of Shi Zhihong’s

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Zhang Zipeng
what journal Researches in Chinese Economic History (中国经济史研究)
what paper The Quantification of The Agricultural Revolution: A Review of Shi Zhihong’s (农业革命的量化——评史志宏《清代农业生产指标的估计》)
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