Jiang Zhouqing

Dr. JIANG Zhouqing

I hold a Doctorate of Materials Science and Engineering from the China University of Geosicencs. Now I am working as an engineer in the National Engineering Research Center for Rare Earth Materials, Beijing General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals, where I was engaged in the research of rare earth ceramic materials, thermodynamics and dynamics of high temperature reaction process.

My study orientation was the mineral processing and comprehensive utilization during my PhD study, mainly involved in the comprehensive utilization of solid wastes such as coal fly ash, coal gangue and other phosphogypsum. Therefore, I have stronger interesting and affinity in the areas of material preparation and characterization, mineral processing and utilization, crystal growth and control, and so on.

PhD thesis: Extraction of Alumina from High-alumina Fly Ash by Low-lime Sintering Method: Key Reaction Principle and Process Evaluation, China University of Geosciences, 2016.

My doctoral dissertation focuses on three issues, 1) to make the aluminum ions can be effectively dissolved in low energy consumption and process conditions; 2) to economic and environmental components of tailings comprehensive utilization; 3) to evaluate the feasibility of different extraction process of aluminum.

While studying materials science, I also took courses in Economics, Statistics, Management and Operations Research, and obtained a degree in Business Administration.


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