Hindi Team won the Sir Timothy Coghlan Prize for best paper in AEHR 2017

Recently, our article on Chinese historical GDP, Chinese National Income, ca. 1661-1933, has been awarded the 2017 Sir Timothy Coghlan Prize for the Best Paper Published in Australian Economic History Review (AEHR) in 2017. In this February, it will be officially announced in the Asia Pacific Economic Business History Conference 2018 in Australia.

The authors of this article were fully encouraged with this prize. This was a historical breakthrough for the Chinese academia, as for the FIRST time researchers from China won a Best Paper prize on the international economic history journals.

involved project member(s)

Bas van Leeuwen Xu Yi Zhang Zipeng

The Sir Timothy Coghlan Prize is awarded to the best paper appearing each year in Australian Economic History Review as voted by the editorial board. This prize has been issued by Economic History Society of Australia and New Zealand, and the publisher Wiley since 2006. It was named after Sir Timothy Coghlan (1855-1926), one of Australasia’s most eminent statisticians and historians.